2nd International Plein Air Painting Festival held in Giverny, France

25 August 2018

A three day “plein air” painting festival was held in the Normandy region in France. Organised by the Association “Festival Cultures Croisées” (AFCC), the program aims to unite and bring together artists from different countries and cultural backgrounds.

Started as a contest of open air (“plein air”) painting in 2013, the festival is now one of the major events AFCC organise every year. This year, the festival took place in three symbolic locations around Giverny, a French village where impressionist painter Claude Monet lived and worked for over 30 years.

A number of artists from Belarus, China, France, Russia etc. was invited to join the festival. The three-day event consists of exhibitions as well as “plein air” painting where the invited artists will be painting outdoor together, in the idyllic countryside of Giverny.

Song Fusheng with Anna Filimonova.
Song Fusheng with Anna Filimonova, founder and president of International Plein Air Painting Festival, in her studio.
Song Fusheng and his plein air painting.
Song Fusheng and one of his “plein air” paintings during the festival.

For more information on the Plein Air Painting Festival, your can visit their website here.