Song Fusheng Visits Danzhou Hainan

March 2019

Hainan is an island province of China and situates at the nation’s southernmost end. It has a tropical climate all year round and is home to over 4, 500 kinds of plants, making it a popular destination for artists as well as tourists.

Song Fusheng was invited on a tour to Danzhou, a city in the northwest of the island. The deputy chairman of Hainan Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Wei Wang accompanied them on the visit to Dongpo Academy. Also called Dongpo Shuyuan, the academy was originally built in 1098 in memory of the Song dynasty literary figure, Su Dongpo, who was exiled to Hainan.

Song Fusheng, Wei Wang and Hankai Liu at Dongpo Academy.
Song Fusheng (right), Wei Wang (middle) and Hankai Liu (left) at Dongpo Academy.

The unique local flora and fauna have also inspired Song in his paintings. A number of gatherings were organised and Song met with local artists who shared the same passion for Chinese brush painting.

Here are some of the paintings Song created during his visit to Hainan province.


Painting at Weishan Lake in Shandong

2 Jan 2019

As an artist, Song Fusheng (Laodeng) enjoys visiting new places. Wherever he goes, there is one thing he never leaves behind – his paint brush.

Specialised in bird-and-flower painting, which deals with a wide range of natural topics including plants, birds, fish, pets etc, Song spends a lot of time in the nature, observing, sketching and painting. He believes one can only bring out the “life” of a subject by capturing and illustrating its very unique properties and essence. And there is no better way of achieving that than getting close to nature.

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Porcelain Painting in Jingdezhen

7 Dec 2018

Located in the northeast of Jiangxi province, China, Jingdezhen is said to be the “birthplace” of ceramics. Records show that as early as in Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD), people have begun to make porcelain in this little town. By the 14th century, it became the largest centre of production of Chinese porcelain. Its dominance has lasted centuries even till today.

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Song Fusheng’s Paintings at Maladzyechna International Arts Festival


Song Fusheng (Lao Deng)’s freehand painting “All for Peace” received an award for the plein air exhibition at Maladzyechna International Arts Festival.

1st July 2018, Belarus

A collection of selected works from contemporary Chinese artist Song Fusheng (Lao Deng) was presented at the Maladzyechna International Arts Festival in Belarus.

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