Porcelain Painting in Jingdezhen

7 Dec 2018

Located in the northeast of Jiangxi province, China, Jingdezhen is said to be the “birthplace” of ceramics. Records show that as early as in Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD), people have begun to make porcelain in this little town. By the 14th century, it became the largest centre of production of Chinese porcelain. Its dominance has lasted centuries even till today.

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Song Fusheng’s Paintings at Maladzyechna International Arts Festival


Song Fusheng (Lao Deng)’s freehand painting “All for Peace” received an award for the plein air exhibition at Maladzyechna International Arts Festival.

1st July 2018, Belarus

A collection of selected works from contemporary Chinese artist Song Fusheng (Lao Deng) was presented at the Maladzyechna International Arts Festival in Belarus.

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