Song Fusheng’s Paintings at Maladzyechna International Arts Festival

Song Fusheng (Lao Deng)’s freehand painting “All for Peace” received an award for the plein air exhibition at Maladzyechna International Arts Festival.

1st July 2018, Belarus

A collection of selected works from contemporary Chinese artist Song Fusheng (Lao Deng) was presented at the Maladzyechna International Arts Festival in Belarus.

The 3-day festival was held at the Palace of Culture in Molodechno, Belarus. It is part of the 18th National Festival of Belarusian Song and Poetry – “Maladzyechna – 2018”. Song was invited to participate in the International Arts Festival to promote cultural exchange between Chinese and Belarusian artists.

The Festival has attracted many artists and enthusiasts from both Belarus and abroad. A number of selected works by Song were presented during the open air – “plein air” exhibition. He also showed a live drawing performance during an interactive section with the audience.

Ms. Soroko, director of the Palace of Culture of Molodechno, also chairwoman of the awards committee of Maladzyechna International Arts Festival along with Mr Sitnitsa, Chairman of Belarusian Union of Artists awarded Song’s freehand painting “All For Peace” for winning the “plein air” art exhibition.


Some of Song’s works at the “plein air” exhibition.

Song performing Chinese freehand “xieyi” painting to Belarusian artists.

Song receiving the award from Ms. Soroko, director of the Palace of Culture of Molodechno.

Song presenting his painting to Mr. Kuznetsov, former Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus.